Prof. Enrique Bigne

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Studying is his passion driven by education, continuous learning, and interest in new ideas and knowledge for academic and practice.


Professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia (2001), and previously at the University Jaume I (1995-2001). After a short experience in the services and industry, he got a position at the university as an Assistant Professor. 


Founder of Department of Marketing-UVPh.D. Program in Marketing-UV, Master in Marketing and Market Research-UV, and Executive Marketing with the Chamber of Commerce


He chairs the Digital Marketing Research Unit at the University of Valencia. He was appointed as director of Air Nostrum chair and Family Business chair.

He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Maryland, University of California Berkeley, and Regent's University London.


* Bs. Business Administration, UV, 1984

* Postgraduate in Market Research, UV, 1985

* Postgraduate in Operations Research, UV, 1989

* Ph.D. in Marketing. Dissertation on Advertising Media Planning, UV, 1989

* Ph.D. Award of the University of Valencia, 1990

* Bs. Law, UV, 2001


Awards and boards: